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Salmon leather panels: unique leather welding technique

Crafted from salmon leather skins meticulously welded in a parallel arrangement, these exquisite panels exhibit remarkable durability, making them an ideal choice for crafting a diverse range of premium accessories and interior designs.

Handmade with precision, this incredible material is seamlessly bonded without any stitching, using only a natural biodegradable adhesive.


At the intersection of sustainable luxury and cutting-edge technology, our Salmon Panels are created using the innovative “Mousaikon Technology.” Years of dedicated research by producer Nova Kaeru have resulted in a technique that seamlessly fuses salmon skins, creating expansive and unified surfaces that retain the elegance and quality of their original state.


Recognized as a true pioneer in organic, metal-free tanning, Nova Kaeru harmoniously blends refined aesthetic taste with utmost respect for the surrounding ecosystem. By processing only tracked and regulated skins (byproducts of the food industry), Nova Kaeru contributes to the preservation of the species, generating income and environmental consciousness within families. The sourcing process adheres to international sanitary regulations and well-being practices, ensuring the protection of the fish, fishermen families, and nature itself.


From tanning that utilizes zero heavy chemicals, environmentally safe practices such as a blend of biodegradable acrylic resins, polymers, glutaraldehyde, synthetic and vegetable tannins, and natural dyeing in aniline, our commitment to sustainability is evident. The water discharged from the tannery after treatment is directed for irrigation.



  • Fashion, footwear, bags, accessories
  • Interior Design, home decor, wallcovering, furniture
  • Creative design
  • Packaging

Salmon Panel Metallic Shiny Natural Gold

  • Unit price: per square meter

    Source: Farmed or Wild (both byproducts of the food industry)

    Size: 1 square meter

    Thickness: 0.5 to 1mm

    Tanning: Bio Natural - 100% biodegradable

    Finishing: Matte, Semi Matte, Semi Shiny and Shiny

    Scales: (LR) Natural, (LL) Hand Trimmed or (LI) Inverted

    Colors: All possible

    Min. Quantity: 1 panel

    Delivery Time: Prompt to 60 days

    CITES: No

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