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picture os beLEAF material - fabric made of real leaf
picture of beLEAF - a fabric made of real leaf

™ beLEAF

a plant leaf turned into
an amazing biomaterial

beLEAF ™ is a revolutionary biomaterial that combines cutting-edge technology with a responsible and conscious mindset.

picture of Alocasia Elephant Ear Plant
picture of beLEAF material - fabric made of real leaf
picture of beLEAF material - fabric made of real leaf

Organic processes.

Free from heavy metals.

Environmentally safe.

Nova Kaeru: Innovation, quality and sustainability

Made from natural leaves of a plant called Elephant Ear (Alocasia Macrorrhisa), this biological tissue is surprisingly comfortable and resistant, and is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional materials.

beLEAF ™ is made from leaves that are cultivated and collected in sustainable areas, grown alongside reforestation farms near the Nova Kaeru factory in Três Rios, Brazil.

The process uses only resins and organic polymers of vegetable origin, and the residues are later composted and used as nutrients for the soil. The factory's close proximity to the reforestation farms eliminates the need for long-distance transportation, reducing its carbon footprint. The water used in the transformation process is pH corrected and reused as irrigation for the reforestation farms, further reducing its environmental impact.

picture of brown beLEAF material - fabric made of real leaf
picture of black bag made of beLEAF material - fabric made of real leaf
Picture of Christopher Esber garment made of beLEAF - fabric made of real leaf

Nova Kaeru and Global Green are committed to making a difference in the world by offering remarkable products with a unique and surprising aesthetic. With beLEAF ™, we have succeeded in creating a material that not only looks and feels great, but also helps preserve the environment and all its resources. Join the revolution and choose beLEAF ™ for your next project.

This material truly is in balance with nature, from the biosphere back to the biosphere.

Picture of beLEAF - fabric made of real leaf and Alocasia leaf

Christopher Esber


A vegan material with characteristics similar to leather. beLEAF™ is the most innovative and eco-friendly material ever created.

This product of natural and renewable origin is surprisingly comfortable and resistant.

The leaves are collected in sustainable areas and planted together with reforestation farms - all neighboring the Nova Kaeru company.

In addition to requiring little of the environment compared to traditional materials, beLEAF™ also eliminates the carbon footprint of its production.

sustainable circle with beLEAF and Pirarucu picture
Nova Kaeru logotype

We Preserve the Pirarucu Fish
We Preserve te Amazon
We Fight for Life

In the Amazon, over more than 10 years of hard work with our partners and environmental preservation institutes, we have managed to reverse pirarucu predatory fishing and transform an endangered species into a fish with a large and wild free population and guaranteed reproduction.

In the past this fish used to be collected only for food and their skin became an ecological waste that was thrown away, causing environmental pollution.

Nowadays, after 10 years of an internationally recognized work, the PIRARUCU is fished following the strictest sustainable fishing standards practices required by IBAMA and international bodies such as CITES.

This work has ensured an increase of over 425% over 10 years of fish availability in the Amazon and helps combat deforestation by ilegal mining in this region through the joint work of all communities.

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