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picture of Cushions maed with Ecosimple Fabrics


Turning textile waste into new premium recycled fabrics.

For all types of fashion, accessories and home textile products.

picture of recycled fabrics
picture of recycled fabrics
picture of fabrics

EcoSimple fabrics are produced with recycled yarns and other recycled materials, which dispense with chemical processes, water and reduced impact on the environment.

EcoSimple: a pioneer company in the production of sustainable

fabrics in Brazil

The constant search for new technologies and materials that minimize environmental impact is part of the DNA of the company.

The manufacturing plant in the city of Americana, São Paulo, uses on its creations technologically recycled and sustainable materials, such as cotton sourced from repurposed fibers from post-industrial waste, organic and BCI, jute, linen, silk, EcoVero viscose, recycled polyester fibers from PET bottles , recycled polypropylene and biodegradable polyamide.

picture of sustainable fabrics
picture of recycled fabrics

EcoSimple Fabrics

Since 2004, Ecosimple has made possible through the alliance with large textile companies and the local community, the creation of high quality and 100% responsible recycled textiles.


Through local partnerships, Ecosimple collects post-industrial cotton scraps, PET bottles and sends them over to small cooperatives to start the fiber processing. Once collected, these scraps are separated by color and sent to the factory to be spun into recycled yarns.


The technology developed led the company to win important awards, such as the Planeta Casa 2010 Award, the Greenbest 2011 and the Idea Brasil 2011 Award.

Post Industrial Cotton Scraps+Recycled PET Fibers



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Our processes guarantee the product renewal cycle, respecting nature and the planet’s well-being.

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 PET bottles


Textile Scraps

Sustainable Fibers

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