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Organoid surfaces make your rooms come alive. You can see it, feel it, and smell it. Our natural surfaces create a good atmosphere and support your health. They help reduce stress, lighten the mood and increase concentration. We are aiming to showcase the positive effects of nature.

The fragrant surfaces, made from real natural materials – like Alpine hay, edelweiss or coffee grounds – are produced climate neutral in Tyrol. 


We humans are always looking to feel cozy and at ease – be it at home, at work or during our spare time. On average, we spend over 90 % of our everyday lives indoors, far away from nature. That’s why our indoor spaces are vital.

What makes organoid natural surfaces so unique worldwide?

What functional added value do sustainable materials offer for your interior design?

Our organoid natural surfaces are pure sensory delights for people - you can see, feel and smell them. Thanks to biophilic design, people also benefit from real nature and healthy interior design in the interior.

The room design with Organoid has a real recognition value. 

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Orgnaoid Natural Surfaces_Hotel Hochzillertal (C) hotel-hochzillertal.at_fotoschmiede (1).

Natural surfaces by Organoid unite the aesthetics and positive power of natural materials with functional interior design.


They maintain their natural properties, their scent, look and touch – which then can also be experienced in indoor spaces.


The natural surfaces are hypoallergenic and available in unique designs.Different backing materials make them well-suited for almost all kinds of applications in interior design: as wallpapers, as decorative veneers in woodworking and self-adhesive.


The fragrant Alpine hay is harvested by hand with scythes and sickles on Austria’s steep mountain slopes at an altitude of over 1,700 m near the Wildspitze, Tirol’s highest mountain. Our suppliers, the farmers of the area, deliver the dried grass straight to our site in Fließ. There, the hay is cleaned and cut before it is pressed into the final product in several layers, adhering to an exact formula and strict quality guidelines. Our surfaces can be fixed to walls or furniture or just be used as decoration – there are no limits to the areas of application. The beauty of it: the natural scent of the decorative organoid coating WILDSPITZE speaks to our senses invites us on a journey into the stunning world of the Alps.

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