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A truly unique leather, this material is made from the Pirarucu fish of the Amazon. As the largest freshwater fish in the world, these fish yield hides that are quite large and cuttable, which were once discarded as food by-products in the region.

Thick like cowhide but remarkably supple, this leather is ideal for softer items that require a slightly thicker material, such as soft bags or jackets. 

This product adheres to strict regulations set by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA). They carefully track all their materials from suppliers that comply with international sanitary regulations and promote well-being practices.

The tannery not only protects the fish and the fishermen's families but also promotes environmental consciousness. Their sustainable practices are crucial for preserving this magnificent species and the delicate ecosystem of the Amazon.

Pirarucu Panel 3SH LL Shiny Green-Black Furtacor

  • Unit price: per square foot (sqf)

    Source: Farmed or Wild (both byproducts of the food industry)

    Size: Farmed: 2,5 to 4 sqf  | Wild: 5 to 14 sqf

    Thickness: Farmed 0.5 to 1.5mm | Wild: 0,5 to 3.5mm

    Tanning: Bio Natural - 100% biodegradable

    Finishing: Matte, Semi Matte, Semi Shiny and Shiny

    Scales: (LR) Natural, (LL) Hand Trimmed or (LI) Inverted

    Colors: All possible

    Min. Quantity: 1 skin

    Delivery Time: Prompt to 60 days

    CITES status is appendix II

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