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beLEAF™ has a 100% organic tanning process, without heavy metals. The main tanning agent is vegetable oil. An organic and sustainable process. The solid waste turns into compost and compost-rich water is used directly for irrigation. This guarantee a safe and friendly process for the environment and our professionals. beLEAF™ technology is an organic process applied to the “Elephant Ear” plant leaf to create a vegan material alternative to leather, an unprecedented product able to appear right next to the most beautiful leathers and ecological fabrics.

The material has characteristics very similar to leather, with a notable difference that the CO2 emission of its manufacturing process is compensated by the carbon absorption of planting and leaf growth.beLEAF™is one of the most sustainableoptions available today.

Unlike most other leather alternative products of vegetable origin, beLEAF™ is the leaf itself. It is not created by mixing fibers and polymers, which maintains the beauty of the real leaf look, its texture, and its natural shape.


BREATHABILITY: beLEAF™ is the evolution of sustainable materials. 100% leaf product, beLEAF™ breathability is unmatchable by any material in the market. Due to its natural characteristics, avoid extreme humidity and direct sun exposure.


LIGHT FASTNESS/RESISTANCE: Significant sun exposure or strong light bulbs can cause color fading and/or localized staining, due to its organic process and dyeing with biodegradable organic inputs.

beLEAF™ color Jet Black

  • ORIGIN: Vegetable / Vegan

    RAW MATERIAL: Elephant Ear Plant (Alocasia Macrorrhiza)

    BREATHABILITY: Works with ambient Temperature and Humidity

    UNIT PRICE: Per Square Foot;

    SOURCE: Sustainable Farms and Reforestation Areas on the headquarters of Nova Kaeru (rural area up in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil);

    SIZE: 1,0 sq-ft to 4,0 sq-ft (per leaf);

    THICKNESS: 0,50mm;

    TANNING: 100% Organic Process;

    FINISHING: Matte, Semi-Shine, Shine, and Iridescent;

    USE: Bags, Shoes, Garments, Furniture, and Architecture;

    MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: Minimum production order of 50 leaves. It is possible to purchase one leaf as sample.

    Lead-time on stock: 3 to 5 days after payment

    Lead-time on production: 60 days

    CLEANING: Dry flannel for surface cleaning. Gently moistened for heavier cleaning. Do not use chemicals.

    MAINTENANCE: On MATTE beLEAF™ versions, we advise using periodically a natural wax, with a matte and transparent finish to preserve and protect the surface of the material.

    FINISHING: Small loss of brightness intensity is normal in cold and humid environments and also after excessive handling.

    STORAGE: Preferably in dry airy places with a lowincidence of light.

    DURABILITY: Compared to bovine leather, beLEAF™ has the same durability standards, but with the essential difference that at the end of its life cycle, being biodegradable, beLEAF™ will reintegrate with nature at a much higher speed and without any contamination of heavy metals.

    COLOR AND BURNING DIVERGENCE: beLEAF™ is dyed with biodegradable organic inputs. Small color and visual pattern differences are expected and considered normal due to its organic tanning process while respecting the individual characteristic of each leaf.

    LINING: The leaf is very thin as a raw material (as the leaf as it is) and the lining gives the resistance needed without compromising its appearance or beauty.

    LINING RECYCLABLE COMPOSITION: 100% RECYCLED MICROFIBER 80.0% polyester + 20.0% polyamide Colors - Black or White

    FINISHING COMPOSITION: The composition of the material used in the finishing has 72.50% of renewable sources which includes vegetable PUs, natural waxes, and latex, and 27.50% of non-renewable sources which include oil-based products. The goal is to reduce the percentage of non-renewable sources of the finishing, pursuing and achieving, in the future, a 100% sustainable material.

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